An Endless Love Story


In this section I'm going to debunk or affirm some myths that have been driving many fans crazy over the years.

Get ready to read the truth about Ash and Misty, this is what you always wanted to know.

You can always send me ideas on new myths to add to the page =)

Myth 1: Misty is in love with Ash


Misty has proved time and again that she indeed has a crush on Ash. Proof can be found in The Power of One, many of the Orange Islands season's episodes, the Johto League season, Pokémon Chronicles, etc. Details to come.

Myth 2: Ash is in love with Misty


I'm sorry to say this. I wish he did, whatsmore, this site wouldn't have any sense if he didn't, but there isn't any real proof that he does love Misty more than as a friend. We, as pokeshipping supporters, assume he does, but we must keep in mind that Ash is still oblivious to this kind of feelings, and he never showed us little hints to let us know what he feels, contrary to Misty. Maybe in the future he will eventually fall for her, hope is the last thing to lose!

Myth 3: Ash and Misty kissed


There is no secret footage, episode, or movie showing Ash and Misty kissing. The anime series is not finished and will not be until the Pokémon games stop being so lucrative. So there's no way someone had the chance to see them in that situation. In one of the movie shorts (I'd say it's Pikachu and Pichu, but I'm not quite sure right now), we can see Ash and Misty facing each other, very closely. Remember in this kind of movies we never get to see the humans' faces, so we can't know what actually happened there. But we hear them talk, and there's no surprised reaction from any of the other characters, so we can't really say they kissed. There are other rumors involving them in a kiss, like the "Gotta Catch Ya Later" episode. I've seen the original Japanese version and, believe me, they do not kiss. Why would they cut a scene like that? Despite being a kids' show, a kiss is still very common and should not be something to cut, especially if it's so important to the show. Besides, if they kissed, wouldn't they be boyfriend and girlfriend by now? They didn't show any romantic emotions towards each other the next time they met, not because they were shy about their kiss, but because it had never happened. Watch the episode for yourself if you still have doubts, you'll also find that Misty's flashback is different than what you've seen on TV.

 "Pokémon Christmas Bash" is a CD released in the US by an American company, where we can hear the English voices of Ash, Misty, and some other characters from the cast. It has one song called "Under the Mistletoe", that can be found in the Music and Lyrics section. At the end of the song, it seems like Ash and Misty may kiss each other, because of the sounds they make. But this song has no influence on Ash and Misty's real relationship, because it was not made in Japan, nor is there an unaired episode with these songs, as some believe. It was just made to make money, and though it's fun and entertaining, it should be considered noncanon.

Myth 4: Melody liked Ash


Melody is a character from The Power of One, in case you wonder. She kissed Ash when she first met him. Was it because she liked him? Maybe she did think he was cute. But at that moment all the attention was on Ash, and Melody had the obligation to welcome the visitors, since she would be the host of the annual celebration of the island. So she gave him a kiss on the cheek, as a "traditional welcome kiss", taking Misty aback in jelousy and anger. She asked Misty if she was Ash' little sister, to what she said she's not. Then she asked her if she was his girlfriend, to what Misty said something among the lines of "of course not". Finally Melody bothers Misty telling her that the chosen one (Ash) deserved a woman, not a girl. We see Ash laughing a little about it, while Misty was nowhere near happy. But later, we see Melody kind of supporting them as a couple, as she jokes on them getting married someday, along with other little details. The important thing here is Melody is not in Misty's rivals list, so we can't see her as a mortal enemy, as some people do. If you want to know more about this just watch the movie, it's pretty entertaining.

Myth 5: Bianca kissed Ash


Bianca is one of the characters from Pokémon Heroes. I recommend you watch the movie before you judge. I think this was specially made to make us use our imagination. Was it Bianca or was it Latias? Brock and Misty had the same doubt. Well, let's see. We know Latias likes to transform into Bianca, but she can't talk. Bianca likes to draw, and it was obviously her who drew Ash and Pikachu. I really doubt a pokémon can be that talented. Near the end of the movie, we see Bianca, or Latias transformed into Bianca, grabbing the drawing and then giving it to Ash, right before she kisses him on the cheek, then finally running away. Not a single word uttered. If that was Latias, why wasn't Bianca there to say goodbye to Ash and friends? If it was Bianca, why didn't she say anything? Did Bianca want to make Ash think she was Latias so she could kiss him? Did Latias want to make him think she was Bianca? On what purpose? I'm not going to say it was one or another, but I think it's more likely it was Bianca. Anyway, it all depends on who you'd like it to be, since that was the intention of the producers. Don't lose your head thinking about it, just enjoy the scene. And don't forget Bianca is no rival for Misty, since she's only a movie character and won't be seen again (I assume).

Myth 6: There's a video of Ash and Misty's daughter

False. But...

Ash and Misty have never kissed, got married or laid a single hand on each other. There's no physical way they could have a daughter. But, there is a video on internet (I've seen it myself) showing Misty, Pikachu, Miranda (the blue haired woman from Mewtwo Strikes Back) and a pink haired little girl. Misty looks as young as she always did, she doesn't look like she would be a mom at that age. And I really doubt black and orange hair could make pink. They say the video was made to promote the first movie, but then they regretted it and never used it. Who and how did they manage to get this video? Who is this little girl? Why is Miranda in the video and not Ash? Welcome to the world of the unknown, I'm as clueless as you are. I'll try to see if I can upload the video on the page for you all to see it, and I'm not a Pokémon music expert, so if anyone can tell me which song is used I'd be thankful.