An Endless Love Story


Pokeshipping is the most common name used by fans for the romantic relationship between Ash and Misty, the popular characters of Pokémon.

It is believed by thousands of people around the world, that they both have secret feelings towards each other and will eventually end up together.

Pokeshippers are fans who support this shipping (also known as AAML -stands for Ash And Misty Love-) and, in some cases, are madly wishing to see these two teens get together. I am one of them.

"Pokeshipping - An Endless Love Story" is a site with lots of hints, pictures, lyrics and more only about Ash and Misty,  because I know they're meant to be.


Apr 11th 2013

I've uploaded my fanfic When Hearts Are Aglow, there are 8 chapters now and only one more to go. Visit the Fanfiction section and check it out :)

Oct 6th 2010

I have updated the Fanfiction section and added links to chapters 4 and 5 of When Hearts Are Aglow.

Also, I want to thank everyone who has joined the site and/or posted in the forum, despite it being inactive for so long. You can still share your thoughts on everything Ash and Misty related on there.


Jan 2nd 2009

From now on I won't delete previous news, I just realized the fact that I hadn't written the dates each time I updated the site.

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for visiting the site even when it hadn't been updated in months ^^

I have made a new section, "Myths", where I debunk or affirm every rumor about Ash and Misty that have been driving everyone crazy over the years. It's really interesting, and it's now available for you to read =)

Also, I finally added links to the first three chapters of "When Hearts Are Aglow", my own fanfiction. Check them out.

FanFiction.Net was also added to the links' section.

On other news, in order to upgrate the style of managing the site, I had to change the template. I really liked the old one, and I still have to get used to this one.

I'm not sure what happened, but some of the images of the Pictures section can't be seen anymore. Don't worry, I'll try to upload them again in the near future.